Ben Gurion University, seed grant, Localization in the eigenvectors of chaotic Hamiltonians and banded Random Matrices, 1994.

ISF grant, Dynamical, Spectral, and Topological Properties of Stochastic-Web Systems, (1994-1997).

Ben Gurion University, seed grant, Studies of Protein-DNA Interactions at the Single Molecule Level, 1998.

ISF grant, Bikura Fund, DNA biosensors: using DNA as asensitive spring, 1999.

German Ministry of Science, Quantum Electronics in low dimensional systems, (12 participants,( 1999.

ISF grant, Single Molecule Studies of Double Stranded DNA Melting Using Optical Tweezers, (2000-2003).

ISF Bikura grant, Optical Single Cell Tomography, (2008-2011).

GIF grant, Dynamics of FtsZ assembly in a microfluidic channel, (2013-2015).

ISF grant, Bacterial phenotipic variability: intracellular spatial heterogeneity as an esential factor, (2013-2017).

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