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Mailing address:
Department of Economics
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
P.O.B 653
Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel

My office is Room 451 in Building 72

Telephone: 08-647-2279
e-mail: kvdbeek@bgu.ac.il


2017. "Flexible Supply of apprenticeship in the British Industrial Revolution" Journal of Economic History 77(1): (with Nadav Ben-Zeev and Joel Mokyr).

2016. "Skill Choice and skill complementarity in Eighteenth century England: 1710-1770. Explorations in Economic History 59, 1: 94-113. (with Naomi Feldman)


2015. "Market Forces Shaping Human Capital in Eighteenth Century London", Economic History Review 68, 4: 11771202. (with Moshe Justman).


2014. "England's eighteenth century demand for high-quality workmanship: Evidence from apprenticeship, 1710-1770", in Avner Greif, Lynne Kiesling and John V.C. Nye (eds.), Institutions, Innovation, and Industrialization: Essays in Economic History and Development, a festschrift volume in the honor of Prof. Joel Mokyr, Princeton University Press, pp. 268-274.

See Robert Margo's Review at EH.Net


2010. "The Effect of Political Fragmentation on Investments: A Case Study of Watermill Construction in Medieval Ponthieu, France"Explorations in Economic History 47: 369-380.


2010. "Political fragmentation and investment decisions: the milling industry in feudal France (1150-1250)". Economic History Review 63(3): 664-687.

Working Papers and Work in Progress

Wheels of Change: Skill biased natural resources and industrialization in eighteenth century England (with Joel Mokyr and Assaf Sarid).


"Landownership Structure and Agricultural Productivity in Domesday England" (with Sylvie Meyer)



Courses in 2013-2016

Introduction to Econometrics (0-142-1-1081)

Topics in Economic History (0-142-1-1091)

Institutional Economics for Graduates (0-142-2-18)

Explaining the British Industrial Revolution (0-142-2-93)