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Description: schemeResearch interests

     While commercial Si-based solar cells have recently reached near grid-parity in terms of cost/ Watt, the use of solar energy as a renewable, environmentally friendly energy source is still limited. To broaden this use, the development of extremely low-cost devices, which can also be used off-grid and for niche applications such as building integrated photovoltaics and disposable energy sources, is desirable. The challenges en route to such developments include developing novel device configurations which can be deposited using simple methods such as wet processing at room temperature, eliminating the need for high vacuum, clean rooms and high temperature processes, and long-term device stability, which requires understanding the destabilizing factors. Our research focuses on developing low-cost photovoltaic devices via wet processing of organic and inorganic materials using novel deposition and characterization methods.  

Research projects in the lab include:
1. Developing miniaturized optoelectronic energy sources and photo-sensors, based on monolayers of photoactive molecules, to be utilized as on-chip energy sources for disposable bio-sensors and information-gathering sensors for military applications. 2. Semiconductor-sensitized solar cells for IR absorption, based on wet-chemistry deposited bulk- and nanoparticle absorbers, 3. Accelerated stability studies of organic PV materials and devices using concentrated sunlight, aimed at rapid screening of the stability of organic PV materials, and detailed understanding of their degradation mechanisms,
4. Characterizing the effect of the ordered electric double layer in ionic liquids on the electrochemical charge transfer and transport, for applications in fuel cells and energy storage in batteries.
5. Optimizing the performance of hematite photoelectrodes for the production of solar fuels by water oxidation, via engineering of structural and spatiotemporal heterogeneities.
Selected publications