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Iris Visoly-Fisher (PI), email: irisvf
Dr. Nitzan Maman (postdoc fellow), email: mamanni, Project: Infrared upconversion device
Hela Sasson (PhD student), email: helasa, Thesis: Optoelectronic molecular junctions
Amir Tal
(MSc student), email: amirtabgu AT gmail.com, Thesis: Interfaces in IR upconversion devices
KM Anoop (PhD student), email: kmanoop2 AT gmail.com, Thesis: Stability of perovskite solar cells
Dr. Bhavana Gupta (postdoc fellow), email: bgupta1206 AT gmail.com, Project: Water-splitting photoelectrodes
Dr. Pramoda Kumar (postdoc fellow), email: pramodkumarai AT gmail.com, Project: visualizing electrochemical currents
Olga Korchev-Khina (Undergraduate student), Project: Chemical bath deposition of PbS
Dr. Ashwin Melvin Ambrose (postdoc fellow), email: ashwinaails12 AT gmail.com, Project: Stability of perovskite photovoltaic materials and devices
Dr. Lisa Strover (postdoc fellow), email: strover, Project: Crosslinkable polymers for OPV  


Taly Elmaliach-Cohen (MSc graduate), Thesis: Lateral polymeric periodic structures towards absorption enhancement in organic solar 

Levan Chachashvil (MSc graduate), Thesis: A novel dye for molecular solar cellscells 

Micha Gal (MSc graduate), Thesis: Optoelectronic characterization of hybrid photovoltaic materials 

Dror Oren (undergraduate student), Project: Optoelectronic properties of porphyrins with different side groups

Yael Petel (undergraduate student), Project: CuSCN electrodeposition on conductive oxides

Yaron Berger (undergraduate student), Project: Pulsed electrodeposition of CuSCN on conductive oxides

Ophir Shein (undergraduate student), Project: Surface characterization of WO3 and CuWO4 electrodes for water splitting

Dr. Shlomi Sergani(PhD graduate), Thesis: Optoelectronic measurements of molecular junctions

Ma'ayan Rumbak(MSc graduate), Thesis: Lateral polymeric photonic structures for absorption enhancement in molecular solar cells

Maor Gabai  (MSc graduate), Thesis: Accelerated stability testing of organic photovoltaic materials using concentrated sunlight

Orit Seri(MSc graduate), Thesis: Photochemical deposition of metallic nanostructures using visible light

Adi Harush (Undergraduate student), Project: CuSCN nanowires for inverted semiconductor sensitized solar cells

Dr. Maurizio Sansotera (guest postdoc fellow), Project: Stability testing of organic solar cells using concentrated sunlight

Dr. Ronen Gertman(PhD graduate), Thesis: Dye sensitized, solid state solar cells based PbS thin films

Hen Rivkin (Undergraduate student), Project: CuSCN nanowires for inverted PbS sensitized solar cells

Tal Tubul (Undergraduate student), Project: Stability of CuSCN nanowires for inverted perovskite sensitized solar cells

Daniel Bloch (Undergraduate student), Project: Inverted perovskite sensitized solar cells

Jessica Biton (Undergraduate student), Project: Adsorption of phosphonic acids on ITO

Dr. Laura Ciammaruchi (guest postdoc fellow), Project: Stability testing of perovskite solar cells using concentrated sunlight

Yulia Furmansky (PhD student), email: julaiz AT gmail.com, Thesis: Light-controlled molecular electronics

Ravit Abecasis (MSc student), email: ravit.ab AT gmail.com, project: Characterization of Ionic Liquids/ electrode interfaces

Elena Gudir (Undergraduate student), Project: Adsorption of phosphonic acids on ITO and its effect on inverted solar cells
Eliran Amar (Undergraduate student), Project: Growth of CuSCN nanowires for perovskite solar cells


Group photos:

Tour of the old city of Be'er Sheva with the Katz group, Feb. 2016 - farewell party for Laura and Baili!

old train station Beer Sheva  Group with Katz  group hamburger
   old city Beer Sheva   group beer  group at Pipe bridge

Desert Research in the Negev, Park Golda, July 2015

Description: Description: camel riding  Description: Description: group Description: Description: more camel riding  Description: Description: mangal 2  Description: Description: mangal   Description: Description: riding 1

    Description: Description: eating 2   Description: Description: smiling


In the lab, Nov 2014

Yulia in the lab  Nitzan in the lab  Laser

Visit to Ramat Hovav, Feb 2011

Description: Description: visit Ramat Hovav 1 Description: Description: Visit Ramat Hovav 2

Ben Gurion National Solar Energy Center in Sede Boqer, July 2010

Description: Solar Energy center 1  Description: Solar Energy center 2  Description: Solar Energy center 3