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Short CV

Iris Visoly-Fisher
Senior lecturer (Assistant professor), Dept. of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics, Swiss Inst. for Dryland Environmental and Energy research, Jacpb Blaustein Inst. for Desert Research, Sede Boqer campus, Ben Gurion Univesity of the Negev.
Born 1968, Married, mother of two.

Education and research experience

2008- 2013: Senior lecturer (Assistant professor), Dept. of Chemistry, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

2004-2007: Postdoctoral research, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy and Biodesign Inst, ASU. “Optoelectronic measurements of photosynthesis-related single biomolecules”. Advisor: Prof. S. M. Lindsay

2004: Postdoctoral research, Dept. of Materials & Interfaces, Weizmann Institute of Science. Measuring semiconductor surface electronic properties under bias, using UHV-STM”. Advisor: Dr. S. R. Cohen

1998-2004: Ph.D., Dept. of Materials & Interfaces, Weizmann Institute of Science. Thesis: “Understanding structure – photovoltaic performance relations in polycrystalline solar cells”. Advisor: Prof. D. Cahen

1995-1998M.Sc. in Materials Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Thesis: "Plasma polymerized films containing sulfur and/or nitrogen" Advisor: Prof. M. S. Silverstein

1990-1994: B.Sc. in Materials Engineering (cum laude), B.A. in Physics (cum laude), Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


Membership in professional/scientific societies


2008-2012 – Israel Chemical Society
2000-current – Materials Research Society      
2013-current – Israel Vacuum Society
2015-current International Solar Energy Society – Israel chapter

Academic activities


2014-current - Editorial Board member of Scientific Reports, Nature publishing group.
2014 – Guest editor, J. Phys.: Cond. Matter. Special issue on “Molecular functionalization of surfaces and interfaces for device applications”.
2014-2017 – Management Committee Member, Cost action MP1307 “
Stable Next-Generation Photovoltaics: Unraveling degradation mechanisms of Organic Solar Cells by complementary characterization techniques” (StableNextSol).
2014 – current – Management Committee Member and BGU rep.,
Israel Vacuum Society. Co-chair of the 34th annual IVS meeting.
2019 – Co-chair, MRS Fall meeting, Boston MA. 

Grants, fellowships and awards


2018-2020: Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, Engineering Applicative Research program, PIs: Prof. G. Makov, Prof. Y. Golan, Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher (BGU), Exploring Newly discovered cubic IV-VI semiconductors for renewable energy applications.

2018-2020: Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, Tashtiot (Infrastructure) in Chemistry program, PIs: Prof. A. Rothschild, Dr. M. Caspary-Toroker (Technion), Dr. A. Yochelis, Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher (BGU), Operando characterization and analysis of semiconductor photoelectrodes for solar fuel production.

2018-2020: European Union, Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education, Leader: Prof. K. Petridis (TEI Crete), with EU participants from 7 universities and 4 companies, Photonic Processes Education in Nanotechnology.

2018-2020: Joint ISF-NSFC program, PIs: Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher (BGU), Prof. Weishi Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Nano-Hybrids of Conjugated Polymer/ Organometal Halide Perovskites for Optoelectronics.

2018-2020: German-Israeli bilateral R&D cooperation in the field of applied nanotechnology, BMBF and Israel's National Technological Innovation Authority, PIs: Dr. E. Unger, Prof. Dr. C. Becker, Prof. Dr. B. Rech, Helmholtz Center Berlin for Materials and Energy (HZB), JCM Wave ltd., Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher, Prof. E. Katz (BGU), Solaround ltd., Scalable Nano-Photonic Concepts and Stability of Hybrid Perovskites in Tandem Photovoltaics.

2016-2019: Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources, PIs: Dr. L. Etgar (HUJI), Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher, Prof. E. A. Katz (BGU), Stability of perovskite-based solar cells.


2016-2017: Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, China-Israel cooperative scientific research program, PIs: Prof. E. A. Katz (BGU), Prof. Weishi Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Partner PI: Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher (BGU), Crosslinkable photovoltaic materials for efficient and stable organic solar cells.


2015-2018: Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources, PIs: Dr. A. Yochelis, Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher (BGU), Prof. A. Rothschild (Technion), Iron oxide photoelectrodes for solar energy conversion and storage: From mechanisms to optimization.


2012-2016: Focal Technological Area (FTA) INNI grant, leader: Prof. G. Sarusi (BGU), PIs: Prof. Y. Golan, Prof. I. Abdulhalim, Prof. G. Makov, Prof. G. Lemcoff, Dr. R. Shikler, Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher, Dr. Y. Sivan (BGU), Prof. A. Sa’ar, Prof. U. Levy (HUJI), Prof. R. Neumann (WIS), Prof. E. Lifshitz (Technion), Prof. G. Markovich (TAU), Integrated infrared up-conversion devices using nano-plasmonic materials and photonic nano-structures.


2009-2011: BSF – US-Israel Binational Science Foundation, PIs: Dr. I. Visoly-Fisher (BGU), Prof. D. Gust (ASU), Photovoltaics on the nano-scale: Optoelectronic measurements of single molecules for photovoltaic applications.


2006-7 - American Association of University Women - $30,000 - International Postdoctoral Fellowship.

2004-5 - Yad Hanadiv Foundation - Rothschild postdoctoral fellowship.

2004-5 - International Educational Exchange Program - Fulbright grant for postdoctoral scholars.

2004 - Minerva Stiftung – postdoctoral fellowship for research in Germany (turned down).

2005 - Ormat – International Solar Energy Society, Israeli Section - Prize for excellent research in the field of solar energy.

2003 - The Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation (Switzerland) - Award for outstanding applied research.

2003 - Weizmann Institute of Science - The Elchanan E. Bondi Memorial Prize.

2003 – Materials Research Society - Graduate Student Gold Award.

2000 – European Materials Research Society - Graduate Student Award.

1996 - Intel – Technion - Dean Award for Graduate Students.