Prof. Mark Gradstein


Office Address:

Department of Economics
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer--Sheva 84105, Israel

Tel: +972-8-64-72288

Fax: +972-8-64-72941




Political Economy of Growth and Development



Research Interests

Political economy, education, growth and development.


Selected Recent Publications

“National Income and its Distribution,” with M. Brueckner and E. Dabla Norris, Journal of Economic Growth, forthcoming.


“Government Spending Cyclicality: Evidence from Transitory and Persistent Shocks in Developing Countries,” 2014, with M. Brueckner, Journal of Development Economics, 111, 107-116.


“Exogenous Volatility and the Size of Government,” 2013, with M. Brueckner, Journal of Development Economics, 105, 254-266.


“Effects of Transitory Shocks to Aggregate Output on Consumption in Poor Countries,” 2013, with M. Brueckner, Journal of International Economics, 91, 343-357.


“Estimating Permanent Income Elasticity of Government Expenditures: Evidence on Wagner's Law Based on Oil Price Shocks,” 2012, Journal of Public Economics, 96, 1025-35 (with M. Brueckner and A. Chong).


“Is the World Flat? Country Level and Firm Level Determinants of Law Compliance,” 2011, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 27, 245-271, with A. Chong.


"Institutional Traps and Economic Growth," 2008, International Economic Review, 49, 1043-1066.


"What Determines Foreign Aid? The Donors' Perspective," 2008, Journal of Development Economics, 87, 1-13 (with A. Chong).


“What Causes Firms to Hide Output? The Determinants of Informality,” 2008, Journal of Development Economics, 85, 1-27 (with E. Dabla-Norris and G. Inchauste).


“Inequality and Institutions,” 2007, Review of Economics and Statistics, 89, 454-465 (with A. Chong).


"Inequality, Democracy, and the Protection of Property Rights," 2007, Economic Journal, 117, 252-269.