Koresh Galil ,PhD


Senior Lecturer of Finance,

Head of Accounting Program,

Economics Department,

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Tel: +972-8-647-2310

Fax: +972-8-647-2941

E-Mail: galilk@bgu.ac.il






Office Address:

Department of Economics

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

P.O. Box 653

Beer-Sheva 8410501, Israel


Office Location:

Marcus Campus, Building 72, Room 455


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1.           Predicting default more accurately: to proxy or not to proxy for default?, with Neta Gilat, International Review of Finance, forthcoming. [Aricle]

2.           Debt composition and lax screening in the corporate bond market, with Uri Ben-Zion and Eyal Lahav, International Review of Economics and Finance, forthcoming. [Article]

3.            Do ultimate owners follow the pecking order theory, with Offer Shapir and Rodrigo Zeidan, Qurterly Review of Economics and Finance 67 (2018), 45-50. [Article]

4.            Using Merton model: an empirical assessment of alternatives, with Zvika Afik and Ohad AradJournal of Empirical Finance 35 (2016), 43-67. [Article]

5.           The (un)informative value of credit rating announcements in small markets, with Zvika Afik and Itai Feinstein, Journal of Financial Stability 14 (2014)66-80.

6.            Rating Shopping and Rating Inflation in Israel, with Inna BaklayarInternational Review of Financial Analysis 33 (2014), 270-280. [Article]

7.            The determinants of CDS spread, with Offer Shapir, Dan Amiram and Uri Ben-Zion, Journal of Banking and Finance 41 (2014), 271-282. [Article]

8.            Are time preferences for a risky outcome, a riskless outcome and a commodity really different, with Tal Shavit, Offer Shapir and Uri Ben-Zion, Economics Letters 118 (2013), 512514, [Article]

9.            Are Morningstar Ratings Global? Evidence from Israel, with Uri Ben-Zion and Offer Shapir, Journal of Wealth Management 15.3 (2012), 86-102.

10.       Good news, bad news and rating announcements: an empirical investigation, with Gil Soffer, Journal of Banking and Finance 35 (2011), 3101-3119. [Article]

11.       A reexamination of value creation through strategic alliances, with Uri Ben-Zion, Mosi Rosenboim and Hadas ShabtayInternational Journal of Banking Accounting and Finance 3, Nos. 2/3 (2011), 133-154. [Article]

12.       The performance of mutual funds ratings in Israel, with Offer Shapir and Uri Ben-Zion, Economic Quarterly 57.4, (2010), 418-448.

13.      Unobserved heterogeneity and the term-structure of default, Advances in Financial Economics 12 (2007), 311-344.

Working papers

14.       Why are swap spreads negative? Evidence from the European market, with Lior David-Pur and Mosi Rosenboim

15.       Too-Big-To-Fail and modeling bank distress, with Margalit Samuel and Offer Shapir

Unpublished paper

1.            The quality of corporate credit ratings: an empirical analysis. [Article]




      Corporate Finance A undergraduate - Ben-Gurion University

      Corporate Finance B undergraduate - Ben-Gurion University

      Empirical Finance graduate - Ben-Gurion University

      Fixed Income - graduate - Ben-Gurion University

      Fixed Income MBA - Tel-Aviv University

      Corporate Finance undergraduate New York University Shanghai

      Debt Instruments and Markets undergraduates New York University Shanghai

      Price Theory (Microeconomcis) B undergraduate - Ben-Gurion University


      Foundations of Accounting undergraduate Tel-Aviv Academic College

      Foundations of Economics undergraduate Tel-Aviv University

      Foundations of Finance undergraduate Tel-Aviv Academic College

      Foundations of Finance MBA Tel-Aviv University

      Introduction to Economics A (Micro) undergraduate Tel-Aviv University

      Introduction to Economics B (Macro) undergraduate Tel-Aviv University

      Microeconomics B undergraduate Tel-Aviv University

      Options and Futures undergraduate - Ben-Gurion University

      Options and Futures MBA - Tel-Aviv University

      Price Theory (Microeconomcis) A undergraduate - Ben-Gurion University

      Seminar in Empirical Finance - undergraduate - Ben-Gurion University