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Established in 2009, our group specializes in developing single-molecule fluorescence techniques (SMF), and utilize them to study the structure, dynamics, interaction, activity and function of natural and artificial large molecules and molecular complexes, with a special interest in DNA nanotechnology and protein-DNA interaction. We are designing, assembling and improving DNA motors, aiming to develop highly reliable motors that operate much faster and more efficiently than existing motors. We study the structural dynamics of Nucleosome Core Particle (NCP), especially its assembly/disassembly mechanisms. We study fundamental DNA dynamics, especially of DNA hairpin. We develop and improve single-molecule florescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), alternating laser excitation (ALEX) and high-resolution microscopy techniques.

Our Group  in Acre, Next to the Mediterranean Sea


We Have Two SMF Optical Setup

DNA Walker Strides on DNA Origami
Cammel Rest in the Bedouin Weekly Market
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