Ben Gurion university of the negev




With Sarit Menachem and Avia Spivak

With Omer Zlivansky and Avia Spivak

With Eyal Carmel and Avia Spivak

With Pascal Wagner-Egger and Nofar Duani

Factors affecting fund director’s short-termism

Financial Literacy and Financial Capability

Conspiracy theories in economics


With Nofar Duani and Avia Spivak

Why do Israeli prefer to buy houses?

Understanding Economic  Crises

With Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde (ENS, Paris)

and Rinat Benita

Decision Making in the Emergency ward

With Tamar Aharoni, Yossi Pliskin and Shlomi Kudish
Supported by the
Israel Science Foundation

With Meital Gambasho

Haredi conceptions of psychological treatment

With  Victor Novick, and Orit Shemesh

Stress and Emergency Room Decision Making