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Selected Papers

Krill, Z., Leiser, D., & Spivak, A. (in press - 2015). What Determines the Credibility of the Central Bank of Israel in the Public Eye? International Journal of Central Banking.

Carmel, E., Carmel, D. & Leiser, D. (in press - 2015) Facing a biased adviser while choosing a retirement plan. The impact of financial literacy and fair disclosure. Journal of Consumer Affairs.

Leiser, D., Spivak, A., Carmel, E. (in press - 2015) Choosing today for a better tomorrow – the influence of the sales agent on the selection of retirement saving plans. Economic Quarterly (Hebrew)

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Unpublished Papers

Lev, D. and Leiser, D. Subjective significance judgments: An Experimental Study of the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy

Leiser D. and Biton-Bereby, L. The Segregation Effect, Time Pressure and Other Factors Affecting Argument Strength in Categorical Inductive Inference

Book and Edited Special Issues

Leiser, D., & Gillieron, C. (1990). Cognitive Science and Genetic Epistemology - a Case Study of Understanding. New York: Plenum.

Leiser D., Roland-Lévy Ch. and Sevón G. (1991) Children's economic socialization [Special issue of the Journal of Economic Psychology].

Leiser, D. & Azar, O. (2008) Motivation and Affect in Decision Making [Special issue of the Journal of Economic Psychology].

Leiser, D. & Roetheli, T.F. (2010) The Financial Crisis.[Special issue of the Journal of Socio-Economics].



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