Do shop stewards exhibit higher (or lower) commitment to their place of work than ordinary workers? than their counterparts, middle and top management?

What are the preconditions for successful integrative negotiations?

Is collective bargaining a political or an economic process?

All these questions, and many others, still wait for a definitive answer. Even though research has dealt with them, we still know too little about them.

Therefore, we need research.

Still, standing questions don't supply answers. We need DATA for research. Such data can be collected by us. SUCH DATA EXISTS ALREADY. All we need is a way to locate and retrieve it. Secondary analysis is a methodology by which researchers use data for purposes it were not collected for. When we conduct a research based on the secondary analysis methodology, all we ask is: Do the data fit my needs? We don't ask: What was the original researcher's intention.

Thus, for running secondary research in Industrial Relations, we need tools for locating suitable data sets.

The current site is an effort to facilitate secondary research in the industrial relations field

Did you find a worthwhile source? A data file? An effective search engine? Please report me and I'll add it to the site.