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The Anonymous Painter

One nice day (07/2006) I was working on my own in a Starbucks coffee at the corner of National & Barrington in Los Angeles. I guess I was pretty focused, since, out of the blue, a young woman stopped by my table, said ďthank you for being such a nice model!Ē, gave me a pice of paper, and left. As I was looking around to see whatís going on she already left the store, I donít even remember her face. Apparently, (as I was told by someone who sat at a nearby table) she was setting there for quite a while taking my picture, and I didnít notice... too much work I guess. Interestingly, on the back of the paper (first drawing below) there are few different figures, Iím one of them (can you guess which?). Then she turned the page and focused solely on me.... (this it the second drawing below)

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