Professor Eran Sher
Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering Ben Gurion University of the Negev,
Head, Center of Excellence in Teaching,
Chairman, SAE Tel-Aviv Group,
Founder, Engines PdM.



Tel: Int.-972-(0)8- 6477076

  Fax: Int.-972-(0)8- 6472813


Born: 1949, Beer Sheva, Israel
Ph.D.: 1978, Univ. of Manchester, Inst. of Science & Technology, U.K.; Prof. 1993.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer Sheva, Israel

Research Areas of Interests:

Internal Combustion engines, Ignition and flame initiation, Fuel injection, Particulate emission, NOx emission, two-stroke engines.

Current Research Projects:

Air-assisted fuel injection, twin-fluid atomization, effect of ignition system characteristics on the ignition process and flame initiation in a spark ignition engine, cyclic variability in SI engines, combustion of a single fuel droplet, effect of electric fields on combustion and fire extinction, performance map of a two-stroke engine at high altitudes.



  Scientific Publications

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