Research Students

In Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Beer-Sheva, Israel)
1995/7 Sapojnicov, R., M.Sc., (co-supervized with Prof. B.-Z. Sandler)
1996/98 Rubinchik, Y., M.Sc. student
1997/99 Giverz, P., M.Sc. student (co-supervized with Prof. B.-Z. Sandler)
2000/01 Zilkha, O., M.Sc.
2000 Lefler, M., M.Sc. student (co-supervisor Prof. B.-Z. Sandler)
2000 Rubenchik, Y. “Uncertainty of the Geometrical Accuracy Assessments,” Ph.D. student
2001 Chapsky, V. “Single-mass 6-Component accelerometer,” Ph.D. student
In ENIMS (Moscow, USSR)
1985/87 Doroshenko, L.P., Ph.D. (co-supervized with Prof. D.N. Reshetov)
1976/79 Barabanov, V.V., Ph.D. (co-supervized with Prof. D.N. Reshetov)
1974/76 Trilisky, V.O., Ph.D. (co-supervized with Prof. V.V. Kaminskaia)

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