Professor Haim Kalman  
Associate Professor 
Ben Gurion University of the Negev



Tel: Int-972-8-6477099 , Int-972-7-6477112 (lab)

  Fax: Int-972-8-6477101


Born: 1956, Rumania
Resident of Israel since 1961.
With the
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering since 1989.
Head of the Laboratory for Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer Sheva, Israel



1. Cooling Fins and Compact Heat Exchangers Performance and Optimization.
2. Fatigue Characteristics and Attrition Design of Particulate Solids.
3. Transport Phenomena During Particles Flow.
4. Regime Map of Particles-Gas Flows.
5. Developing of Standard Laboratory Equipment for Bulk Solids Characterization.
6. Pneumatic Conveying.
7. Segregation in Particulate Systems.
8. Comminution Jet Mills and Grinders.
9. Mechanochemical Approach




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