Ph.D Students

  1. 1985 - Rakib, Z. - BGUN (co-supervised with Prof. O. Igra & Prof. M. Mond)
    The Flow Field Developed Behind Spherical Shock Waves Propagating into a Mixture of a Gas and a Solid Suspension.
  2. 1990 - Mazor, G. - BGUN (co-supervised with Prof. O. Igra)
    The Influence of Surface Properties on the Head-On Reflection of Shock Waves.
  3. 1995 - Kaniel, A. - BGUN (co-supervised with Prof. M. Mond)
    The Stabilization of Finite Element Methods for the Solution of the Navier Stokes Equations.
  4. 1995 - Weiss, Y. - BGUN (co-supervised with Dr. E. Bar-Ziv)
    The Ignition of Synthetic Char Particle.
  5. 1996 - Levy, A. - BGUN (co-supervised with Dr. S. Sorek)
    Wave Propagation in Saturated Porous Media.
  6. 1996 - Li Huaidong - BGUN
    Application of Shock Dynamics to Shock Wave Reflection Phenomena.
  7. 1996 - Elperin, I. - BGUN (co-supervised with Prof. O. Igra) Dusty Gas Flow Through Converging-Diverging Nozzles.
  8. 1999 - Sadot, O. - BGUN (co-supervised with Prof. G. Erez and Dr. A. Levine)
  9. 1999 - Arad, M. - BGUN (co-supervised with Prof. A. Yakhot)
    High-Order Accuracy Discretization of Differential Equations for Solving Engineering Problems.
  10. 2000 - Aizik, F. - BGUN (co-supervised with Prof. I. Igra & Prof. T. Elperin)
    Investigation of Blast Wave Propagation in Dust-Gas Suspension.
  11. 2000     Levi-Hevroni, D. Wave Propagation in Partially Saturated Porous Media. (co-supervised with Dr. S. Sorek).
  12. **** - Luz, E. - BGUN (co-supervised with Prof. Z. Rosenwax & Dr. D. Shvartz)
    Turbulent Mixing by Shock Waves.
  13. **** -  Bialolanker, G.   Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in High Power and High Repetition Rate Laser Beam.

     (co-supervised with Prof. Z. Rosenwax & Dr. H. Lotem).

  14. ****       Yosef-Chai, A.      *********************************** (co-supervised with Prof. D. Shvarts & Dr. O. Sadot).

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