Generation of Large-scale Vorticity

         We studied the effect of a mean velocity shear on a turbulence and on the effective force which is determined by the divergence of the Reynolds stresses. We found a possibility for generation of a mean vorticity in a homogeneous incompressible nonhelical turbulent flow with an imposed mean velocity shear due to an excitation of a large-scale instability. The instability is caused by a combined effect of the large-scale shear motions, ‘‘skew-induced’’ deflection of equilibrium mean vorticity, and ‘‘Reynolds stress-induced’’ generation of perturbations of mean vorticity. We determined spatial characteristics of the instability, such as the minimum size of the growing perturbations and the size of perturbations with the maximum growth rate. This instability and the dynamics of the mean vorticity are associated with Prandtl’s turbulent secondary flows.
  1. T. Elperin, I. Golubev, N. Kleeorin, I. Rogachevskii, Large-scale instability in a sheared nonhelical turbulence: Formation of vortical structures, Physical Review E, 76, 066310, 2007.
    TEXT  PDF: 515 KB
  2. T. Elperin, N. Kleeorin, and I. Rogachevskii, Generation of Large-scale Vorticity in a Homogeneous Turbulence with a Mean Velocity Shear. Physical Review E, 68, 016311(1-8), 2003.
    TEXT  PDF: 144 KB
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