Turbulent Barodiffusion

        A new effect, in gases, are discussed. The phenomenon of turbulent barodiffusion is related to the dynamics of a gaseous admixture advected by compressible turbulent fluid flow with low Mach numbers. Turbulent barodiffusion causes an additional mass flux of the gaseous admixture directed to the maximum of the mean fluid pressure. At large Peclet and Reynolds numbers this additional flux is considerably higher than that caused by molecular barodiffusion. Turbulent barodiffusion may contribute to the formation of large-scale inhomogeneous structures in spatial distribution of gaseous admixtures advected by a low-Mach-number compressible turbulent velocity field.
  1. T. Elperin, N. Kleeorin, and I. Rogachevskii, Turbulent Barodiffusion, Turbulent Thermal Diffusion, and Large-scale Instability in Gases. Physical Review E, 55/3, 2713-2721, 1997.
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