Mach Reflection - Regular Reflection Page

Welcome to the Mach Reflection - Regular Reflection Page!
Please fill in the parameters below.
When you are done, press the CALCULATE button.
If you wish, press the DEMO button to see an example.
After the calculation is done, scroll down the page to view the results.

MR Diagram RR Diagram

If a problem occurs during the calculation click the following link to troubleshoot: TROUBSHOOT
MR Diagram RR Diagram
To be able to capture images from this page click on the camera icon on the right. Choose OK and save the program to your desktop. Now double click on the camera icon on your desktop. A window with the caption "Capture" will pop on your screen. When you want to capture an area of the screen click once inside the Capture windows. Then click and drag a boxed region arround the area of the screen you would like to capture. Then open your word processor and choose PASTE from the EDIT menu.
Screen Capture Program