Laboratory of Industrial Mechatronics and Robotics

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Building 55, room 118, Tel.+972 8 647 7031, Fax: +972 8 647 2813

Heads - Prof. B. Sandler, Prof. V. Portman & Dr. Amir Shapiro

Dr. Victor Livshits, Chief of CIM research
Mr. Eliahu Zilberman
Mr. Vladimir Chapsky
Mr. Efim Lechtman

Prof. I. Chaikovsky, Department of Physics, BGU
Mr. Michael Reznik, Micma Eng. ltd.

  Research Projects
Parallel kinematics machines.
    6 and 3 DOF loose parallel robot devices
CIM related Robotics
Single- and Multi-Dimensional Micro Manipulators: Applications to Machine Tools Technology
6-DOF accelerometers
Intellectual robots
Mobile robots
Numeralytics: Investigation of a Spatial Double Pendulum:

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