Prof. Yosef Mizrahi:  Research Interests


Research Interests:

Biological and horticultural aspects of wild and rare fruit and nut trees of warm climates. Biology of cacti. Abnormally-ripening-fruit mutants. Salt tolerance in fruit trees. Effect of salinity on ripening and quality of fruits. Combating desertification with fruit trees.


Research Projects:

Introduction and domestication of rare and wild fruit and nut trees into the Israeli Negev Desert as well as into semi arid areas in Africa. Biology of flowering and fruit development of various wild and rare fruits including cacti. Post harvest physiology of various wild and rare fruits including cacti. Light and CO2 enrichment effects on growth, development and fruiting of various cacti with horticultural potential. Domestication of wild trees as fruit-industrial-crops. Marula for juices, wines, liqueurs, nuts and oil etc. and argan for its edible oil which is also demanded by the cosmetic industry. Noplitos as vegetable cactus.


Last Updated: 20/12/2005