Prof. Yoel Margalith : Research Interests

Research Interests:

Biological control of mosquitos and other insect pests of medical importance. Studies of aquatic ecosystems. Biological control of filth flies in poultry and cowsheds. Biological control of stored product insects. Development of new entomophagous strains of Bacillus.


Research Projects:

Development of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis and other related strains as effective biological control agents against Anopheles and other mosquito vectors of diseases, funding: USAID/CDR. Survey of mosquito breeding sites i n the Dan region, funding: Israel Ministry of Interior. Development of microbial pesticide to protect grain from harvest time until reaching the consumer, funding: USAID/CDR. Coordination workshop on microbial pesticides, funding: USAID.

Last Updated: 20/12/2005