And here's some of the music that I listen to

(though I do listen to a lot more than just this)... I apologize for any link rot here, I have been lacking the time to look for new sites. (Last updated on 21 December 1998)

haywood (My brother's band), put out by Two Peters Records.

Yes (Mostly the old stuff...)

YesWorld: the Yes Online Service

Notes From The Edge: The Internet Yes Source

Aside from those links an article appeared in the internet satire newspaper The Onion, about the "proposed" addition of Yes lyrics to the New Testament.

Jon Anderson

Here you can take a look at the Deseo Remixes at Windham Hill Records.

XTC: Chalkhills, the official mailing list and dicussion of the music and recordings of the band XTC.

Wierd Al Yankovic- His music has greatly affected me and has brought much meaning and purpose to my life. Aside from that, I think that his movie UHF is really cool and he's been in all the Naked Gun movies. So, if you're really into him, check out my Weird Al Yankovic page


Michael Hedges. Great new age guitar music. Click on the Windham Hill Records link below.

And much, much, more...

Over all, if you're into new age music, I'd recommend taking a look at Windham Hill Records.

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