Current Research

Geological Engineering

  • Block Theory. Funding: Variable.
  • The numerical Discontinuous Deformation Analysis DDA. Funding: Variable.
  • Stability of Rock Monuments. Funding: Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA).
  • Stability of Underground Openings in Bedded and Jointed Rock: An Integrated Analysis using Numerical Methods, Experimental Procedures, and Documented Case Histories. Funding: Israel US Binational Science Foundation. Co PIís: N. Sitar, U. C. Berkeley, M. Talesnick, The Thechnion. BSF Final Report, 2004.
  • Environmentally controlled, multi scale, dynamic behavior of rock masses. Funding: Israel US Binational Science Foundation. Co PI: S. Glaser, U. C. Berkeley. BSF Final Report, 2010.
  • Constraining paleo-seismic PGA from dynamic back analysis of historic structural failures. Funding: Israel Science Foundation. ISF.


Basic Rock Mechanics

Shear Strength of Discontinuities:

Mechanical Behavior of Intact Rocks: