Date Lectures Date Exercises Date Field trips

Mar. 01

Stereographic projection


Mar. 07

Introduction: style, length-scale and time-scale of deformed structures (ppt)

Stress I: Stress tensor and Mohr diagrams (pdf)

Mar. 08

Mohr's diagrams for stress I


Mar. 14

Stress II: The state of stress (ppt) and frictional resistance (ppt)

Mar. 15

Mohr's diagrams for stress I


Mar. 21

Stress III: Coulomb stress function (ppt)

Mar. 22

Finding faulting parameters using stereographic projection I


Apr. 11

Quiz 1: Stress

Finite strain I: Rigid and non-rigid deformation, strain measurements, strain tensor, and the faith of material lines (ppt)

Apr. 12

Mohr's circle for finite strain I


Apr. 18

Finite strain II: Strain ellipse, principal axes, progressive strain and strain history, coaxial and non-coaxial strains (ppt)

Apr. 19

Memorial day

Apr. 25

Finite strain III: Computer lab (pdf)

Apr. 26

Mohr's circle for finite strain II

(strain2.ppt, exercise07.doc)

May 02

Quiz 2: Finite strain

Rheology: Elasticity, plasticity and viscosity (ppt)

May 03

Elasticity I


May 09

Brittle deformation I: faults, joints and veins, and Anderson's faulting model (ppt)

May 10

Elasticity II:

May 16

Brittle deformation II: the state of stress in the lithosphere and the problem of low angle faulting (ppt)

May 17

May 23

Brittle deformation III: micromechanics of brittle deformation (ppt)

May 24

Fold classification


May 27 Mt. Sedom
May 30

Crystal plasticity and the state of stress in the lithosphere (ppt)

May 31

Jun. 03 Maktesh Katan
Jun. 06

To be announced

Jun. 07

Jun. 13

Quiz 3: Rheology

Jun. 14