Date Lecture Date Lecture Date Exercise
Oct. 18 Seismology I: Wavefronts, rays, Fermat's principle and Snell's law (ppt) Oct. 20 Seismology II: Ray theory, ray path, reflection and refraction from a horizontal and dipping interfaces (ppt) Oct. 22

Solving reflection


Oct. 25 Seismology III: Travel time curves, attenuation, reflection and transmission coefficients (ppt) Oct. 27 Seismology IV: Group and phase velocities, dispersive waves (ppt) Oct. 29

Solving refraction from a horizontal layer


Nov. 01 lecture cancelled Nov. 03 Seismology V: Left over from previous weeks: travel times, amplitude, normal-moveout correction, stacking, migration, etc (ppt) Nov. 05

Solving refraction from a dipping layer


Nov. 08 Plate kinematics and space geodesy I: Earthquake distribution, types of plate boundaries, plate geometry on a plane, plate geometry of a sphere and the Euler pole of rotation (ppt) Nov. 10 Quiz 1: seismology Nov. 12

Solving plate kinematics part I


Nov. 15 Plate kinematics space and geodesy II: Triple junction and earthquake fault plane solution (ppt) Nov. 17 Plate kinematics and space geodesy III: Hot-spots, plumes and absolute plate motion (ppt) Nov. 19 exercise cancelled
Nov. 22 Plate kinematics and space geodesy IV: Principles of InSAR and examples (ppt) Nov. 24 Plate kinematics and space geodesy V: Principles of GPS and examples (ppt) Nov. 26

Solving plate kinematics part and measuring current plate motion (presentation and exercise)


Nov. 29 Plate kinematics and space geodesy VI: Quantifying and characterizing crustal deformation (ppt) Dec. 01

Heat transfer I (morning): Fourier law, 1-D heat transfer and conservation of heat (ppt)

Heat transfer II (evening): Conservation of heat and the diffusion equation (pdf)

Dec. 03

Solving heat transfer I


Dec. 06 Quiz 2: plate kinematics Dec. 08 Heat transfer III : The oceanic lithosphere (pdf and pdf) Dec. 10

Solving heat transfer II


Dec. 13 Hanuka vacation Dec. 15 Gravity I (ppt): Gravity anomalies due to some buried bodies Dec. 17 Solving isostasy problems
Dec. 20 Gravity II (ppt): Surface anomalies, geoid and corrections Dec. 22

Quiz 3: heat transfer

Gravity III: Isostasy and the dipole of moment density (ppt)

Dec. 24 Graphical approach to direct problem
Dec. 27 Gravity IV: Practical issues - measurements, instrumental drift and tide effects (ppt1 and ppt2) Dec. 29 Geomagnetism I: paleomag (ppt) Dec. 31 Applying FA and Bouguer corrections
Jan. 03 Quiz 4: gravity Jan. 05 Geomagnetism II: paleomag (ppt) Jan. 07 Getting the residual gravity anomaly
Jan. 10 Geomagnetism III: the ocean floor and the super-rotation of the core (ppt) Jan. 12 Quiz 5: geomagnetism Jan. 14 No exercise