New Syllabus

Date Wednesday 12:00-14:00 Date Thursday 09:00-10:00
Feb. 04 Getting the residual gravity anomaly (computer class) Feb. 05 Applying FA and Bouguer corrections
Feb. 11 Geomagnetism I (ppt) Feb. 12 Quiz 2 - gravity
Feb. 18 Geomagnetism II (ppt)
Quiz 3 on geomagnetism is scheduled for Mar. 3


Date Lecture (Wednesday 12:00-14:00) Exercise (Thursday 09:00-10:00, 10:00-11:00)
Nov 18 No class - to be rescheduled No exercise
Nov 25 Seismology I: The history of seismology, ray path and Snell's law (ppt) Reflection
Dec 02 Seismology II: Ray theory, reflection and refraction (ppt)

Earthquake location

(download Sumatra's seismogram)

Dec 10 Seismology III: Travel time curves, attenuation, reflection and transmission coefficients (ppt) Refraction from a horizontal interface
Dec 17 Seismology IV: Group and phase velocities, dispersive waves, Fresnel zone and refraction from a dipping interface (ppt) Refraction from a dipping interface
Dec 24 Seismology V: Normal-moveout correction, stacking, migration, etc (ppt) Gravity I: The basics and gravity anomalies due to some buried bodies (ppt)
Dec 31 Gravity II: Surface anomalies, geoid, and corrections (ppt)


quiz 1 (on Friday)

Jan 07 Gravity III: Isostasy (ppt) Graphical approach to direct problem solution of gravity method
Jan 14

Gravity IV: The dipole of the moment density (ppt)

Gravity V: Practical issues - measurements, instrumental drift and tide effects (ppt)

Applying FA and Bouguer corrections
Jan 21 Geomagnetism I quiz 2
Jan 28 No class - to be rescheduled
Feb 04 Geomagnetism II TBA
Feb 11 Seismology VI: Probing the core quiz 3