Curriculum Vitae

Henriette Dahan Kalev


·                Personal Details: Henriette Dahan Kalev, Professional address: Gender Studies Program, Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva                                          Home address: Hogla st. 14/5 Beer-Sheva, tel: 972-8-6424105                                  E-mail:        

·                Languages I speak, read and write – Hebrew, English, French; I understand and speak Arabic

·                Education: B.A. – 1976-1978, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Political Science.                                                                                                                        M.A. - cum laude, 1982, Hebrew   University, Jerusalem, Political Science                      Advisor: Dr. Bryan Knei-Paz. Title of thesis: Intellectuals in Politics                       Ph.D. - 1992, Hebrew University Jerusalem, Political Science. Advisor: Professor Yithak Galnoor. Title of thesis: Self Organizing Systems: Wadi Salib and The Black Panthers - Implications on Israeli Society

·                Employment History: Since 2002 – Head of Gender Studies Program and Lecturer in the department of Political Science.                                                          2002-1996 – Lecturer in Public Administration and Political Science in the School of Management, Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva.                                                1992-1999 Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.         1993-1996 Lecturer, Faculty of Human Studies, Tel Aviv University

·    Courses Taught: Feminist Political Theories, Feminist Methodologies, The Theory and Practice of Democracy, The History of Political Thought, Political Philosophy, Leadership and Feminism, Multi-culturalism and Public Administration, The Politics of Israel, Ethnic Politics, Ethnicity as a Political Resource, Women and Politics, Israeli Feminism, Globalism and the Welfare State, Trends of Globalization and the Welfare State, Introduction to Public Administration, Introduction to Political Science.

·    Research Students: I have supervised theses in the areas of feminism, political science and public administration.

·    Reader  for the following academic journals: Criticism and Theory (Hebrew),       Social Security (Hebrew), Megamot (Hebrew), Women’s Studies: The International Forum, Hagar, The Australian Journal For Jewish Studies, I am also a reader of manuscripts on Women’s issues for Modan Publishing House (Hebrew).

·    Present Research Interest: There are three different but related areas in which I am focusing my interest at present: 1) The contribution and influence of gender to various political ideologies, 2) The relationship between feminism and democracy, 3) The influence of globalization on the status of women of lower class with special reference to Israel.


·        Publications

       (a)  Authored books

1.            Gender, Sex, Politics. Together with Daphna Izraeli, Ariella Friedman, Henriette Dahan Kalev, Manar Hassan, Hanna Herzog, Hannah Nave, Sylvia Fogel-Bejawui, 1999. Tel Aviv: Am Oved (Hebrew)

      (b) Articles in academic journals

1.      2003, “Made To Be Inept The Case of the Mizrahi Women” Israeli Sociology (Hebrew). An English expanded version has been accepted for publication by Journal of International Women's Studies

2.     2003, “On the Logic of Feminism and    the Implications of African American Feminist Thought for Israeli Mizrahi Feminism” The American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy, Vol. 3.

3.     2001, “Tensions in Israeli Feminism: The Mizrahi Ashkenazi Rift”, Women’s Studies International Forum, Vol. 24:1-16.

4.     2001, “You Are So Pretty, You Don’t Look Moroccan”, Israeli Studies, Vol. 6:1-14. (Reprinted, in Ed. Ephraim Nimni. 2003: 168-181. The Challenge of Post Zionism  London: Zed Press. Also reprinted in Eds. Michal Zelermayer and Pnina Peri, Teachers in Israel: A Feminist Perspective, 2002:174-186, Tel Aviv: Kav Adom. (Hebrew).  

5.             2001, “The Influence of Feminist Self-Definition on Democratic Attitudes  of Managers”, Social Behavior and Personality, Vol. 29: 607-616. (co-authors Ayala Malach-Pines, Sigal Ronen), (Reprinted in 2002, Panim, Vol. 22: 65-71. (Hebrew)

6.      2000, “Feminism and Ethnicity in Education: An Israeli Case Study" Schools and Society, 193-210. (Hebrew)

7.      1999, “Ethnicity in Israel - A Postmodern Point of View”, Schools and Society,197- 232. (Hebrew)

         8.   1999. “Patterns of Oppression in Israel: The Case  of the Wadi Salib    Rebels”, Theory and Criticism, Vol. 12-13: 31- 44. (Hebrew)

9.      1997, “Oppression of Women by Other Women”, ISSR (Israeli Social Science Research) Vol.12: 31-44.

10.  1996, ”Israeli Stereotypes’ Discourse” TheEuropean Legacy, (Journal of the International Society for The Study of European ideas) Vol.1: 680-688.

           (c)   Chapters in academic volumes

1.      2001, Mizrahi Women”: Identity and History”, in Ruth Kark, Galit Hzan-Rokem nad Mrgalit Shilo, Eds.  Women  in The Yishuv and in  Zionism In The Gender Mirro, 45-60, Jerusalem, Ben Zvi Institute, (Hebrew).

2.      1999, “Identity, Memory and Ethnicity” in A. Beshara, Ed.  61-75, BetweenThe ‘I’  and the ‘We’; Jerusalem Van Leer Institute. (Hebrew)

3.      1997, "Immigrants and The Absorbing Society", in Dalia Ofer, Ed. 177-189 Between Veterans and Immigrants 1948-1951, Jerusalem Ben Zvi Institute, (Hebrew)

4.  2000 “Women In Small Business in Israel Academy of Business and Administrative Sciences

        (d)     Articles Accepted For Publication

1.          "The Military Invasion to the Israeli Educational System",  Israel  Affairs.

2.         “Affirmative Action” accepted for a special issue of Nashim, appearing in   2004

3.      "Mizrahi Feminism". A 8000 critical review of the literature   essay to appear in Paula Heiman, The Encyclopedia of Jewish Feminism. Jewish Women a comprehensive historicalencyclopedia. Shalvi Publishing Ltd.

4.        Inequality and Protest In Israel”, Uri Ram and Nitza Berkovich,   

           Eds. In/equality, Tel Aviv, Adva, (Hebrew)

5.       “Gender and Ethnicity – The Case of Israeli Women” in Kalpana Mizra and Melanie Rich, Eds. Jewish Feminism in Israel: Some Contemporary Perspectives, New England University Press.


(e)   Professional Reports

1.        2002, “The Mizrahi Vision  written for Forum For National Responsibility, The Rabin Center.

2.  1999  report on the Kol HaIsha Organization, for the Henrich Boll   Foundation, Germany.               

(f)   Book Reviews

1.       2001 Kiddushin By Bracha Seri; Apirion, Vol.6 (A journal of Israeli Literature) (Hebrew).

2.        Entanglement of Power: Geographies of Domination/Resistence, edited by  Joanne P. Sharp, Paul, 2001, Routledge,Cris Philo and Ronan Paddison, Geography Research Forum, Vol. 21.

3.  Engendering Social Policy eds. L..Watson & L. Doyal, Open University Press, Buckingham. September 1999, Israeli  Sociology (Hebrew)       

       (g)   Academic articles in non-academic journals – a partial listing

Apart from publishing occasional pieces in newspaper like Ha-aretz,   Yediot Aharonot  and Globs I have published following articles in general cultural journals.

1.       2001 “The Largely Unknown Treasure of Moroccan Jewish Literature”, The Journal Of Jewish Moroccan Culture. Spring:18-20 (Hebrew) 

2         2001  Adatiut In Israel – A Postmodern  Perspective”, Palestine-Israel Studies,  Vol. VIII: 90-96

3         1998 “Keshet: The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow”, Bridges, A Journal For Jewish Feminists And Our Friends, Vol. 7: 30-36.

4         1997, “A Critical Discussion about The Feminist Agenda in Israel”, Mifne, Yad Yaary and Yad Tabenkin 19:56-58 (Hebrew).

5          1997, “Feminism - A Part of the Struggle Against Oppression”, Mifne Research Yad Yaary and Yad Tabenkin 18:17-22 (Hebrew).

6.        1999-2000, Ethnicity and The Challenge of Mizrahi Feminism” in Jerusalem Women’s Voices  Vol 2: 3-4


 (h)  Articles at present being reviewed by academic journals

1.  “The Relevance of Marxism In The Era Globalization”

2.  “On Democracy, Feminism and Non Governmental Organizations”.

         3. “Female Genital Mutilation and Human Rights”.



·    Public Activity Related to my Academic Work

      I have appeared on television programs, radio programs and been interviewed and consulted by representatives of newspapers, journals and academic researchers both in Israel and abroad, on issues that fall within the fields of my academic interests, i.e. Israeli Politics, Ethnic Issues, and Women’s Studies. I have also appeared on panels in places like the Susan Dallal Center in Tel Aviv, The Center For Multi-Ethnic Culture (Inbal), The Beer Sheva Library – The Jerusalem Town Hall, etc, etc. at which were discussed newly published books, political events, ethnic issues, problems of peace and co-existence, educational policy and censorship. From time to time I have addressed women groups, both in Israel and abroad, such as chapters of Hadassah, Wizo and Naamat, talked to school children and soldiers as well as to student groups at my university as well as at other universities in Israel and abroad. I am a commentator for the Channel 10 News Magazine on Friday Night. In 2002 I was appointed to be a member of the Public Council for Education In Israel. In January 2001 I was appointed to be a member of a Rabin Center ‘Think Tank’ that meets fortnightly to discuss issues of national interest and to formulate a possible avenues of policy. During 1997 to 1999 I was a consultant to the Beersheva municipality on women issues. I am since 2001 a consultant to the Israeli Defense Force on women issues. I am a member of the Israeli human rights organization Be'Tzelem. I am a founder and an executive board member of Achoti, a feminist organization dedicated to help poor women to help themselves. I am also a founder and a member of Keshet (The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow).