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Welcome to the Spectroscopy webpage

Precision spectroscopy of cold atoms has a variety of applications from atom clocks to magnetic sensors and quantum computing. All these applications involve the coherent manipulation of a two state quantum system. On our side of the lab we develop tools for the coherent manipulations of the two levels of the 87Rb ground state. The coupling of these levels may be done directly through MW radiation or by two laser beams through Raman transition. We also work on atomic spectroscopy that will allow the miniaturization of laser stabilization systems. These spectroscopic tools are currently tested on room temperature atoms. In the near future we intend to develop a miniature trap for atomic precision spectroscopy.

What's new?

April 2008: Complete carrier suppression of a modulated laser beam (used for the Raman laser) was achieved.

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December 2007: Two photon (MW+RF) Rabi oscillations between two magnetic trappable states (scheme on the left) were demonstrated.

April 2007: Rabi oscillations by MW radiation were demonstrated:

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