Some of the people I love
(and of whom I have some pictures...)


Yifat. A unique Iraqi-Polish mixture.

We met in high school. Now a doctor at one of Israel´s hospitals.

Watching baseball in central park...

Together, on the floor of a wild boat party in the sea of Galilei.

Irit. A gentle & beautiful soul of Yemenite-Russian origin.

These days, she is the art designer of a fascinating Israeli art magazine.

Here, Irit dressed for a Purim party. On the left Orna my sister and on the right me with a light show on my head.


On the right Carola, a girl from Munich who came to visit Israel and never left. I met her while serving together on the board of the Israeli section of Amnesty International. I am still looking for the guy who would be smart enough, good hearted enough, and good looking enough – to match her as a partner. She is currently running a Palestinian-Israeli peace education project.

On the left Or (light – in Hebrew), the man I would marry if I were a girl. Actually, I even thought of proposing to him as a boy. I met him in the air-force academy.
Then one day, on a tour of Brazil, he fell in love with a Brazilian girl, bought a piece of the
Bahia beach, and was never heard from again (well... at least not unless you twist his arm...).


Yoav. I met him for the first time when I was about 3.
Here in the picture Yoav on the right, me center, and my sister on the left.

Since then we grew up together – same kindergardens, same school, same neighborhood.

Here, during the washing ceremony of our windsurf sails...

Here, enjoying a ride on my back...

...and here, enjoying guitar playing by our good friend Meir. Yoav plays the Sax and the Flute.

Gustavo. A physicist from Argentina. We studied for exams together and then worked together at CERN, Geneva.