Our atom chipOur First Atom Chip
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The Atom Chip Lab
Ben-Gurion University

BEC transition Our BEC
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Welcome to BEC1 experiment webpage

The atom chip enables new insight into many body phenomena. On our side of the lab, we use the atom chip to investigate the tunneling and interference of matter-waves (ultra cold atoms) originating in parallel from many sites in the 1D regime. We utilize a Bose-Einstein Condensate trapped on the chip wire. The atoms are extremely sensitive to directional deviations of the current in the wire. We propose to utilize this sensitivity and to engineer a novel 1D magnetic lattice. In this configuration the atomic clouds will be trapped in separated 1D traps and overlap along their longitudinal axes (see "Research" section for details).

What's new ?

February 25 2009: Atoms loaded on the chip !

We have loaded the atoms on a 200µm wire on the chip. Once the the BEC is loaded on the waveguide created by a simple wire, it expands along it. On the picture below you can our BEC at 200 µm from the chip surface.



November 13 2008: Bose-Einstein Condensation !

We have reached the Bose-Einstein Condensation.