Amir Berman

Senior Lecturer - Department of Biotechnology Engineering
Room 220, Building 39
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer-Sheva 84105
Phone: +972-8-6472400 ; Fax: +972- 8- 6472983


Amir Berman was born in Haifa in 1956. He studied Soil Sciences in the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Rehovot) and received his B.Sc. in 1983. He then moved to the Weizmann Institute of Science and received his M.Sc (1987) and Ph.D (1992) in the field of Biomineralization in L. Addadi and S. Weiner group, studying the biogenic control on crystal texture (crystallites size and angular spread) by intracrystalline proteins in various marine organisms skeletal parts. From 1993 until 1996 he conducted postdoctoral research with G. Somorjai and Deborah Charych in the Surface Science and Catalysis group in the Center of Advanced Materials, LBNL, UC Berkeley, where he studied biomimetic mineral formation of artificial surfaces prepared by Langmuir monolayers. AB joined the Unit of Biotechnology (since 2000- the Dept. of Biotechnology Eng.) in BGU on 1997.
AB present research interests include biomineralization, biomimetic surfaces, Langmuir films, specific biomolecular surface recognition, lung surfactants, template directed crystal and semiconductor nanoparticles nucleation on surfaces and polyconjugated monolayer films and their molecular electronics properties.


Selected Publications

(1) Berman A., Ahn D.J., Lio A., Salmeron M., Reichert A. and Charych D. (1995). Total Alignment of Calcite at Acidic Polydiacetylene Films: Cooperativity at the Organic-Inorganic Interface. Science, 269 pp. 515.

(2) Berman, A. and Charych, D. (1999). Uniaxial Alignment of Cadmium Sulfide on Polymerized Films: Electron Microscopy and Diffraction Study. Adv. Mater 11 No. 4, 296-300.

(3) Gaboriaud F., Golan R., Volinsky R., Berman A. and Jelinek R. (2001). Organization and Structural Properties of Langmuir Films of Conjugated Polydiacetylene and Phospholipids Langmuir 17(12); 3651-3657. (* corresponding authors)

(4) Cohen M., Regev O. and Berman A. (2002). Catanionic vesicle-PEG-lipid system: Langmuir film and phase diagram study Langmuir 18 (15): 5681-5686

(5) Volinsky R., Gaboriaud F., Berman A., and Jelinek R. (2002). Morphology and Organization of Phospholipid/Diacetylene Langmuir Films Studied by Brewster Angle Microscopy and Fluorescence Microscopy J. Phys Chem.B 106 (36): 9231-9236 (*corresponding authors).

(6) Belman, N., Golan Y. and Berman A. (2003). Oriented nucleation and alignment of lead sulfide on conjugated polymer monolayer Langmuir; 19(26); 10962-10966

(7) Chen, J. and Berman, A. (2004) Formation of nucleotide base-pairs at the interface of polydiacetylene cytosine derivatized monolayer Nanotechnology, 15, S303

(8) Belman N., Berman A., Ezersky V., Lifshitz Y. and Golan Y. (2004). Transmission Electron Microscopy of Epitaxial PbS Nanocrystals on Polydiacetylene Langmuir Films Nanotechnology, 15, S316

(9) Volinsky R., Kolusheva S., Berman A., Jelinek R. (2004) Microscopic Visualization of Alamethicin Incorporation into Model Membrane Monolayers. Langmuir; 20(25); 11084-11091.

(10) Belman N., Golan Y. and Berman A. (2005) Nanocrystalline Ag2S on Polydiacetylene Langmuir Films Crystal Growth and Design 5(2) pp 439 - 443. Web Release Date: 08-Oct-2004; DOI: 10.1021/cg049752l

(11) Berman, A., Golan, Y. and Konovalov O. (2005). GIXD Studies of Oriented Nucleation of Semiconductor Nanoparticles on Polyconjugated Monolayers at the Air-Solution Interface. ESRF Highlights (Invited paper).

(12) Gross, T., Zmora, E., Levi-Kalisman, Y., Regev, O. and Berman, A. Lung-surfactant - Meconium Interaction: In-vitro Study in Bulk and Air-Solution Interface (Accepted for publication in Langmuir).

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