The YAFFO Experimental Building

The Center was commissioned by the Israel Ministry of Energy to participate in a bi-national architectural study on improving the climatic and energy-use performance of multi-family buildings through their overall design. The project was initiated in conjunction with an architectural team in Catalunia, Spain, with the intention of building two similar apartment buildings in Barcelona and in Tel-Aviv, both designed jointly by the two teams of architects.

The Israeli building was designed as a six-storey building with 24 apartments. Intensive simulations of possible design strategies culminated in a design providing not only solar heating in winter, but a maximization of natural cross ventilation in summer to provide relief from the combination of heat and humidity that exists along the Israeli coast during the warm months. The most important issue tackled in the design is the spatial arrangement of multiple apartments in a single building, which is intended to allow sufficient solar and ventilation exposure in a 4 unit per floor non-linear building. The building consists of four loosely connected building blocks, and a central circulation core that provides access to the apartments for both people and mechanical services.