Sammar Public Library


Kibbutz Sammar is located at the southern part of the Arava. The new public library of the kibbutz was designed at the end of 1992. The 200 mē building is located in the heart of the public area of the kibbutz.

The client's request was that the building would have a low profile so as not to obstruct the panoramic view from the center of the kibbutz. The solution that was suggested by the Unit was to build an earth sheltered, semi-buried structure. Berming helps in moderating the climatic conditions to which the building is exposed in the harsh environment of the Arava. Care was taken during the design to allow sufficient solar energy to penetrate into the library during the winter, and to allow enough ventilation during the spring and fall to provide adequate thermal conditions in the building by passive methods.

Construction of the library was completed in 1994.