Ramot Residential Neighborhood


The Desert Architecture staff was asked to head a design team which will create a master plan for part of a new residential area in the the northeast of Be'er Sheva. The new area, which is the third stage of the "Ramot" quarter, is being developed by the Israel Ministry of Housing, the Israel Lands Authority and the municipality of Be'er Sheva, and will consist of approximately 17,000 housing units.

The team is responsible for a detailed neighborhood plan of part of this project, encompassing about 840 housing units. The site is uncharacteristic of Be'er Sheva, since it is in hilly terrain, about 400m above sea level. The relatively steep slopes and the requirements for a substantial number of houses to be constructed on a fairly small site create a real challenge. The design will reflect the expertise of the Desert Architecture staff and establish guidelines for the construction of a neighborhood which is sensitive to the environmental conditions of the desert region. Every effort is being made to ensure that as many houses as possible will have solar access, enabling passive solar heating in winter. Particular emphasis will be paid to the creation of a micro-climate which will be compatible with human activities outdoors for most of the year.