Prof. Evyatar Erell
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Research interests

Topics in desert architecture and related fields including:


Professional activities and distinctions
  • Researcher in Desert Architecture and Urban Planning, Blaustein Institute for Desert Research, Ben-Gurion University, Israel (since 1986).
  • Israel Standards Institute:
    Head: Committee 114 - Thermal Insulation of Buildings.
    Member: expert sub-committees
    • 114.01 - Classification of Settlements to Climate Zones
    • 114.02 - Thermal Insulation Properties of Materials and Building Elements
    • 114.03 - Thermal Insulation of Public Buildings
    • 1204.01 - Energy Labeling of Buildings.
    • 113.19 - Energy labeling of glazing systems.
  • Teaching: Associate Professor in the "Man in the Drylands" program at The Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies and at the Dept. of Geography and Environmental Development.
  • Has consulted on a variety of projects involving climatic and energy related issues.
  • Received the 'Best Paper' Award at the 2000 PLEA International Conference in Cambridge, UK, for the paper, "A GIS framework for studying post-occupancy climate-related changes in residential neighborhoods" (with Y. Etzion, B. Portnov, I. Meir and D. Pearlmutter).
  • Received the Haim Sheba Prize for excellence, awarded by the David & Paula Ben-Gurion Fund (jointly with I. A. Meir and D. Pearlmutter - 1988).
  • Is a registered architect in Israel.


Selected publications

Co-edited "Architecture of the Extremes, Proceedings of the PLEA '94 Conference" (with Y. Etzion, I.A. Meir and D. Pearlmutter);

Co-author of several books:

  • Portnov B. and Erell E. (2001) Urban Clustering: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Location, Ashgate, Aldershot, 317p.
  • Portnov, B. and Erell, E. (2003) Interregional Inequalities in Israel: 1948-1995 Census Data, Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, Jerusalem, 165p.
  • Yannas, S., Erell, E. and Molina, J.L. (2006) Roof Cooling Techniques - A Design Handbook, James & James Science Publishers, London, 332p.
  • Erell E., Pearlmutter D. and Williamson T. (2010) Urban Microclimate: Designing the Spaces Between Buildings. Earthscan/James & James Science Publishers, London, 266p.
Author of numerous scientific papers, including:


Architectural design projects

Has participated in several innovative design projects including:


Graduate students