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Research interests

Topics in desert architecture and related fields, including:


Professional activities and distinctions
  • Senior Researcher in Desert Architecture and Urban Planning, Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, Ben-Gurion University, Israel since 1987 (Senior Lecturer since 1996).
  • Received the 'Best Paper' Award at the 1998 PLEA International Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, for the paper, "Street canyon geometry and microclimate: Designing for urban comfort under arid conditions."
  • Received the 'Best Paper' Award at the 2000 PLEA International Conference in Cambridge, UK, for the paper, "A GIS framework for studying post-occupancy climate-related changes in residential neighborhoods" (with Y. Etzion, B. Portnov, E. Erell and I. Meir).
  • Received the 'Best Paper' Award at the 2003 International Conference on Urban Climate student competition in Lodz, Poland, for the paper, "Development of a scale-modeling technique for urban microclimatic analysis" (with P. Berliner and E. Shaviv).
  • Received the 'Best Paper' Award at the 2003 PLEA International Conference in Santiago, Chile, for the paper, "Analyzing the microclimatic influence of urban canyon geometry with an open-air scale model" (with P. Berliner and E. Shaviv).
  • Has taught in schools of architecture and environmental design in Israel, and is on the faculty of the Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies, as a senior lecturer in the "Man in the Drylands" program.
  • Has consulted and lectured in Israel on a wide variety of projects involving climatic and energy related issues.
  • Served on technical committee for 11th PLEA International Conference, Dead Sea, Israel (1994).
  • Organized interdisciplinary team for the Sustainable Community Solutions international competition initiated by the AIA & IUA (1992-1993).
  • Received the Haim Sheba Prize for excellence, awarded by the David & Paula Ben-Gurion Fund, for the design of the Blaustein International Center for Desert Studies building at the Sede-Boqer Campus (jointly with I. A. Meir and E. Erell - 1988).
  • Is a founding member of the steering committee for the Blaustein Institute Computer-mediated Communication Center.
  • Is a registered architect in Israel.


Recent Books:

Bar-Ilan Y., Pearlmutter D. and Tal A., Bulding Green: Promoting energy efficiency in Israel, Center for Urban and Regional Planning, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, 187p.





Erell E., Pearlmutter D. and Williamson T., Urban climate: Designing Spaces Between Buildings, Earthscan/James & James Science Publishers, London, 266p.





Pearlmutter, D., Erell E., Meir I.A., Etzion Y. and Rofe Y., Design Manual for Bioclimatic Building in Israel, Israel Ministry of National Infrastructures, Jerusalem, 144p (in Hebrew).





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