Beer-Ora Youth Village


The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has commissioned the Center to design the new JNF-GADNA Youth Village in Be'er-Ora.

A youth GADNA (pre-military youth training) camp operated in Be'er-Ora, 20 km north of Eilat, from the early fifties to the early nineties, when it was decommissioned due to its inappropriate and outdated design and construction. Through an agreement between the JNF and the GADNA, a new camp will be built in the exact location of the old camp.

The climatic conditions in Be'er-Ora are amongst the hardest in Israel, particularly in the summer: daily maximum temperatures average close to 40C, relative humidity drops to 20-25% in mid day. Solar intensity on a horizontal surface in Be'er-Ora in mid summer days is close to 1kw/m, which is one of the highest intensities in the world.

The program for the camp calls for accommodating 400 youngsters and 100 staff members. Youngsters are expected to spend about a week in the camp , during which the GADNA trainees will engage in some pre-military training, and the JNF trainees - from Israel and abroad - will be introduced to advancements and achievements in Israeli desert development. The camp will consist of 15 to 20 buildings, among them the dormitories for the trainees, a dining room and a separate cafeteria, an assembly hall and a synagogue, administration building, medical clinic, staff accommodation, training and sports areas and a swimming pool. The design of the camp, from its layout through the design of the individual buildings, is aimed at achieving thermal comfort with the lowest energy input. Toward this end, buildings will rely on passive energy for winter heating and natural methods for cooling in summer. The design of the attached outdoor spaces and pedestrian walking routes is aimed at providing improved thermal conditions there as well.