Research Projects by Field of Specialization

        B. Agriculture and Biotechnology for Sustainable Dryland Development
                Algal Physiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
                Desert Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
                Environmental Microbiology
                Agronomy and Agrometeorology
        C. Ecology of Drylands
                Physiological Ecology in Extreme Environments
                Plant Animal Interactions
                Behavioral and Community Ecology
                Landscape and Community Ecology
                Conserving and Managing Biodiversity in Desert Ecosystems
        D. Solar Energy and the Physical Environment
                Environmental physics and applied mathematics
                Desert Meteorology
                Remote Sensing as a Tool in Environmenal Studies
        E. Water Resources and Management
                Hydrological Processes
                Modeling of Transport Processes
                Environmental & Water resources
                Bioremediation of Contaminated Water & Soil
        F. Man in Drylands
                Urban Design in the Desert
                Building Design in the Desert
                Urban and regional planning
                Disaster Management in Drylands
                Pastoralism and Sedentarism
                Gender and Feminism
                Political Economy of the Rural Sector