Professor Ehud Meron   -   Ben Gurion University of the Negev    


Research Interests

Current research activities in the group divide into two main categories:

  1. Nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation, where the emphasis is mostly on universal phenomena not specific to any particular system.
  2. Nonlinear physics of ecosystems, where significant part of the effort is devoted to modeling. Special emphasis is given to understanding biodiversity and desertification phenomena in water limited ecosystems.

Research projects in progress:

Nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation

  1. Pattern formation and wavenumber-locking in spatially forced systems.
  2. Non-equilibrium localized structures.
  3. Pattern formation in anisotropic media (catalytic surface reactions, vegetation bands on slopes).

Nonlinear physics of ecosystems

  1. Vegetation patterns in water limited systems, periodic vs. scale-free patterns, applications to desertification and rehabilitation. Click here for an animation of vegetation patterns along a rainfall gradient.
  2. Plants as ecosystem engineers, interspecific interactions and transitions from competition to facilitation, applications to biodiversity.
  3. Vegetation pattern formation and species assemblage properties.
  4. Regime shifts in spatially extended ecosystems.

Supporting foundations:

  1. Israel Science Foundation
  2. US-Israel Binational Science Foundation
  3. Israel Ministry of Science
  4. James S. McDonnell Foundation
  5. The Center for Complexity Science