Plant phenotypic plasticity- the Sede-Boker workshop

List of abstracts

Peter Alpert
    Fixity versus plasticity in clonal plant characteristics: when is
    it good to adjust?

Carlos Ballaré
    Plasticity mechanisms: when the details matter.

Graham Bell
    Experimental Evolution of Plasticity and Diversity.

Martyn Caldwell
    Patches and pulses: exploitation of soil resources by roots of shrub-steppe

Dan Cohen
    The evolution of adaptive responses in plants: phenotypic flexibility,
    individual learning, and population interactions.

Hans de Kroon and Jan van Groenendael
    The nature of morphological plasticity in clonal plants and its implications.
Andrew Dyer, Roy Turkington, Deborah Goldberg & Cindy Sayres
    Trait plasticity and resource availability: a comparative analysis.

Joe Gale & Yossy Reuveni
    Plant respiration; an indicator of feed-forward adaptative response
    of plants to stress.

Mordechai Gersani & Omer Falik
    Phenotypic plasticity in pea roots (Pisum sativum L.) exposed to
    intraspecific competition.

Thomas J. Givnish
     Plasticity as a determinant of community patterns, and environmental and
     evolutionary constraints on plasticity.

Timothy Griffith
    An evaluation of traits that potentially limit the geographic expansion of
    cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium).

Philip Grime
    Phenotypic plasticity in plants; consequences for community and
    ecosystem function.

Yitzchak Gutterman
    Phenotypic plasticity of seed "readiness to germinate" in plants occurring
    in deserts.

Tomas Herben, Beata Oborny and Sylvie Pechackova
    Spatiotemporal heterogeneity in a mountain grassland and the plastic
    response of Festuca rubra.

Heidrun Huber
    Differential costs & benefits of plasticity in vertical and horizontal spacers.

Michael Hutchings
    The configuration of resource supply, plasticity and plant growth.

Jaime Kigel
    Patterns of phenotypic plasticity in rhizome and stolon development.

Manfred Küppers, Dieter Schmitt, Markus Schreiber and Diethard
    Thinning a population during synchronized development affects dry matter
    allocation - comparison of a corn species with a below-ground storer.

Martin Lechowicz
    Evaluating adaptive plasticity: considerations in a phylogenetic

Christopher Lortie and Lonnie Aarssen
    The specialization hypothesis for phenotypic plasticity in plants.

Ariel Novoplansky
    Plasticity of morphological hierarchies in plants.

Beàta Oborny
    Scale limitations on phenotypic plasticity: some examples from plant foraging.

Sylvie Pechackova
    Multidimensional plastic responses of a clonal grass to light quality.

Massimo Pigliucci and Hilary Callahan
    Plasticity to light variation: a gateway to almost everything you were afraid to
    ask in evolutionary biology.

Tsvi Sachs
    Developmental plasticity of the vegetative / reproductive balance.

Carl Schlichting
    Plasticity integration: Coordinating the phenotype across changing

Bernhard Schmid and Diethart Matthies
    Controls and limits of plasticity.

Johanna Schmitt, Susan Dudley, and Kathleen Donohue
    The adaptive evolution of plasticity in  natural populations: benefits and
    costs of shade avoidance responses.

Jonathan Silvertown
    Building upon "A framework for plant behaviour".

Harry Smith
    The phytochromes plurality in perception, flexibility in function.

Josef Stuefer, Esther Perez Corona and Heidrun Huber
    On the interplay between environmental predictability & phenotypic plasticity in
    stoloniferous and erect herbs.

Jun Suzuki and Takuya Kubo
    The effect of plastic storage allocation on the size hierarchy in a population of a
    perennial plant under variable environmental heterogeneity.

Roy Turkington & Clive Welham
    Growth and morphological variation in white clover in response to a
    heterogeneous light environment.

Fernando Valladares, Joseph Wright and Robert Pearcy
    Do functionally redundant species differ in their phenotypic plasticity?

Peter van Tienderen and Arjen van Hinsberg
    Genetic and environmental effects on character correlations under selection.

Yoav Waisel
    Succulence: How to combine business with pleasure?

David Ward
    Selection pressures and the phenotypic plasticity of plant defences.

Maxine Watson, Cynthia Jonesand and Monica Geber
    Developmental phenology and the timing of determination of shoot bud fates
    (clonal and non-clonal considerations).

Theodore Wong
    When to be cynical, when to be gullible:  cue reliability and optimal biomass

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